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We offer a comprehensive range of services to suit most cleaning and property maintenance needs in your home or business. A brief outline can be found below but if it's not on the list then that doesn't mean we don't do it. Have a browse on the website, Facebook or Google+ for further details and if you have any questions or would like to make a booking please get in touch.



Carpet Cleaning

  • All carpets in your home or business can be cleaned by our team. We use top of the line carpet cleaning equipment and only the best shampoos and stain removers are selected. Our specialists are highly trained in the correct use of the chemicals and guarantee never to cause damage to an area they are working on.

  • Hard floors are no problem for our team either. Our machinery is equipped with a dedicated setting specifically for hard surface cleaning.  This ensures that we will never scratch or scuff an area we are working on and can in fact, often remove ingrained marks.

  • Rugs can also be cleaned by our team. Due to the often delicate nature of them we have specialist equipment that is more suited to this type of task. Again, the greatest care and attention will be given ensuring that you achieve the best possible results time and time again.


Hard Surface Cleaning

  • We use specialist equipment when cleaning most hard surfaces. This can range from kitchen appliances right through to bathroom ceramics.

  • We use only the best equipment and in this instance our team will use commercial steam cleaning which ensures that entire areas are treated. The steam can penetrate even the most hard to reach areas and operates at a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius which is guaranteed to kill 99% of all known bacteria including E.coli and MRSA.

  • As an added bonus, when cleaning with steam an area does not need to be treated with chemicals and will often be dry with thirty minutes of completion meaning it will cause minimal disruption to you.

Grass Cutting & Landscaping

  • We will provide regular or one-off grass cutting for your garden or place of business and dispose of all clippings in your assigned recycling bin. This service operates throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.
  • We are able to provide hedge and bush trimming services for those that require it. This is done of an 'as and when' required basis and will be completed to your specified needs.
  • We are able to remove or prune small to medium trees on your property. This is done on the assumption that you have the neccesary permissions for us to carry out the work.
  • For larger trees we will sub-contract to an approved qualified tree surgeon. Work will be carried out with oversight from us from start to finish.


Scotchgard Protection

  • Introducing our latest service, Highland Deep Clean Services Ltd. now provide Scotchgard protection to our customers properties.

  • Scotchgard is a chemical treatment that can be applied to almost any surface from carpets to furniture and once set will form a protective layer over the area. Many carpet manufacturers provide a similar treatment on their carpets but this often increases the cost considerably to the customer.

  • When Scotchgard is applied many everyday spills no longer mean an ugly stain on your floor or furniture. The formula is designed to repel liquids and instead of sinking into the fibres, the stain will simply 'bead' on top allowing you to simply soak the spill up with minimal fuss.

  • We offer a simple pricing structure for this treatment so you will know in advance exactly how much it will cost. We charge £2.70 per square metre. So for example, if you were to measure your living room and it was 3 metres by 5 metres then the total area would be 15 square metres (3m x 5m). You would then simple multiply 15 by our price per square metre of £2.70. This would give you the total cost of the job which in this case would be £40.50 (15 x £2.70)

  • Discounts are applied to this charge if you have your carpets or furniture cleaned by us prior to Scotchgard protection. This is because the manufacturer recommends that any area to be treated would greatly benefit from professional cleaning prior to application.


Driveway and Patio Cleaning

  • We are pleased to be able to offer a driveway and patio cleaninng services using top of the line pressure washing equipment.
  • Appropriate cleaning chemicals such as stone wash are selected when carrying out this work ensuring your surfaces stay cleaner for longer.
  • Great care is taken both before, during and after the work is done to minimise mess. This can take the form of covering nearby surfaces prior to the wash to an abrasive brush being used following the work to remove surrounding grit.


House & Garden Clearances

  • We now offer a driveway and patio cleaning service. Our specialists will use a combination of high pressure washers and specialized stone cleaning machinery.

  • Build-up of moss and general every day dirt can be unsightly and in certain instances dangerous. When wet these area can become slippery and unhygienic. We ensure that all of the bad stuff is removed while taking the highest level of care to protect the actual stonework.

  • We are SEPA registered which allows us to carry and dispose of both household and commercial waste for our customers.
  • Should you require your property to be emptied as the result of a bereavement or unforseen circumstance we provide a straight forward solution. We can advise on the most suitable course of action with regard to the disposal of the properties contents and you will be provided with a 'Waste Transfer Bill' as evidence that your items were disposed of correctly.
  • Garden waste can often be difficult to dispose of correctly and we again look to make this process as simple as possible. Using commercial transfer stations throughout the Highlands you can have peace of mind knowing your waste has been disposed of safely and legally.


Landlords / Estate Agents

  • We offer a comprehensive cleaning package to landlords and Estate Agents which can be tailored to your individual needs. If a tenant has just left a property, or perhaps a new tenant is moving in then it can often be beneficial to have the property deep cleaned.

  • We give each room a deep, thorough clean with top of the line equipment ensuring that nothing is missed or forgotten about.

  • Having a property cleaned can have financial benefits for landlords to, often enabling a higher rental price to be set and peace of mind that a property is in the best possible condition for new tenants.

  • Price lists are available upon request or call us and we can discuss your exact requirements.

What to expect when using HDCS

  • a comprehensive range of services
  • cleaning tailored to your individual requirements
  • the right treatment that is kind to floors, furnishings and facades
  • the use of non-hazardous and environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • qualified, reliable and friendly staff
  • extensive in-house monitoring of all cleaning work
  • a prompt response to any complaints
  • excellent value for money
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