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Residential Cleaning

We offer a varied service to our residential customers ensuring maximum flexibility to suit your needs.  Unfortunately, dirt build up is unrelenting.  Although your house may be cleaned every day it is very difficult to reach every area.  Our equipment ensures that dirt and grime is removed from every part of the item we are working on.


We also recognise that in the times we live, people often don't have the time to do a thorough, deep clean themselves.  Children, pets, work and many other day to day stresses simply mean you may not have the time to devote to these tasks.  This is where our team can assisit you.  We take the stress out of the jobs you don't have time for meaning you can enjoy the results without any of the work.



Cookers, Fridges, Microwaves, anywhere used to store or cook food is particularly succeptible to the build up of germs over time.  Because the steam operates at temperatures in excess of 130 degrees celsius 99% of bacteria will be destroyed.  Older appliances in particular can look years younger once a deep clean has been carried out.


Kitchen surfaces are also a breeding ground for germs and while standard kitchen cleaners do indeed help to erradicate them you can never be 100% sure that the entire area has been covered.  With our cleaning equipment we can guarentee that even the most hard to reach corners will be given the same treatment as the main areas.  Dirt and germs won't stand a chance!




Every day use of any room creates dirt but nowhere is this more apparent than in a bathroom.  Areas such as the toilet, sink and bath seals in particular are problem areas that are very often visible to the naked eye.  Once more, or cleaning equipment is perfectly suited to tackling the job.  Baths and sinks (including the wet wall and seals) will be given a full, deep clean leaving them sparkling and brighter looking.  Great care will be taken with the toilet ensuring that no area is missed or avoided.  This includes the cistern, toilet bowl, seals and base units.




These areas of the home tend to be the most used and as as a result, often pick up the most wear and tear and dirt.  Sofas, beds,units and carpets bear the brunt of repeated use and we would be happy to rejuvinate these areas for you.  Special care is taken when working with delicate surfaces so as to not warp or damage them leaving you with amazing results every time.  Carpets and rugs in particular can benefit from a deep clean with steam.  Once a surface has been treated it leaves it visibly brighter, smelling fresh and often looking younger than it may actually be.




If there is any other area or item not included above please don't hesitate to ask us.  We are able to clean most areas and items for you and if, in the unlikely event we can't you will be given a reason why.

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